Humanitarian Involvement

Display Future Ltd invests time and resources for humanitarian projects in different fields.

Projects for native communities of

We support small remote communities in the Amazon jungle.
Where indigenous struggle to survive, we help developing primary essential resources by promoting self sustained environment-friendly economies. Mostly, we support native cultures, trying to keep their ancient traditions alive while the devastating modernization expands over the green world lung.

Studies for
Meditative NLP

We support a Research Center that aims to create a better world for everybody.
We believe that one of the best ways to improve this world is by improving human beings who live in the world.
Display Future Ltd supports serious and professional NLP studies, that aim to provide tools for everyone by developing techniques for self-improvement.


An utopian project, an idealistic target, an unreachable dream for a more harmonized world.
Based on field researches carried out over a huge variety of different cultures, Anandayana project aims to create a worldwide common life style along with any society, whatever culture it belongs.

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