This is the new generation technology of active displays, with brighter and clearer images (full or scaled color). High colour saturation, high contrast and high speed. Thin displays, low power consumption (mostly Passive Matrix OLED displays) for high performance. Great viewing angle (+160°) and impressive miniaturization.
Common Applications
Fits for any tiny device that requires high resolution, mostly those battery powered ones.
Military applications, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs),  audio/visual displays, mobile phones.

Thin Film Transistor, flat-panel display screen in which each pixel is controlled by one to four transistors. TFTs are color displays also called active-matrix LCDs.
High color saturation, high contrast and with pixel density >100 ppi. High speed and good viewing angle for these long life-time color displays. Available wide range of sizes.
Common Applications
Widely used for mobile phones displays and computer screens.
Medical, communication, industrial, marine and office equipments.

Color STN. LCD passive-matrix technology based on RGB pixel. Low power consumption. Economical alternative for full color display solutions. Affordable to customize.
Common Applications
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), audio/visual displays, portable games, instrumentations,  appliances, industrial devices, hand-held products.

MonoGraphic LCM
Monochrome graphic passive-matrix LCDs. Low power consumption. Wide variety of resolutions, sizes, crystal technologies, temperature ranges, control logics, colors and so forth. Extremely economical to customize any of display's characteristics, there is not limit to customer's fantasy.
Common Applications
Ideal for low cost battery powered applications.
Audio/Visual displays, portable games, instrumentations, industrial devices , hand-held products, mobile phones.

Alphanumeric LCM
Monochrome alphanumeric passive-matrix LCDs. Like the MonoGraphic LCM, there is a wide variety of featured characteristics. Low power consumption and extreme low price are the strength points of Alphanumeric LCDs. There is not limit to customization of Alphanumeric LCMs, which
can be featured with any specific icon and with Standard, European, Cyrillic, Russian or Greek font.
Common Applications
Any application where the device needs to communicate information to users.
White goods, industrial devices, audio/visual displays.

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